It was a decision that looked questionable at the time, but given the recent events, it is a decision that the player must surely now, at least privately, regret.

And that feeling will only intensify when the Champions League, the most important club competition in football, returns next week.

The defending champions of Liverpool will start defending their crown against Napoli in southern Italy.

But further north, former midfielder Emre Can will step on his heels in frustration.

Can, as well documented, decided to quit his Liverpool contract and leave the club after losing to Real Madrid in the 2018 Champions League final.

As well documented, his goal was Juventus, where he ended a high and low first season with a medal as Serie A winner.

Of course, this performance was dwarfed by his old teammates at Anfield, who scored a season better and won the club's sixth European Cup.

Could number seven be on the cards? We will find out starting on Tuesday in Naples.

Jordan Henderson of Liverpool will take the Champions League trophy after winning the UEFA Champions League final between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano
Jordan Henderson picks up the European Cup for Liverpool after winning the UEFA Champions League final against Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid

But at least in the New Year, Can play no part in Juventus's quest to win the Champions League for the first time since 1996, after being knocked out of the squad for the opening round of the competition.

The debut campaign of the German in Turin was not always smooth, not least when he was forced to take a break after surgery to remove a thyroid nodule.

For most, though, it was a surprise when he was eliminated from Juve's group stage.

Can spoke of his "shock and annoyance" in the decision.

But as we learned in a special Blood Red podcast to be released this weekend, he had no reason to feel the former.

Adam Digby is a Turin-based Italian football author who authored the book Juventus: A Story in Black and White.

And in the far-reaching podcast, he gives an insight into Can, a player who is still interested in Liverpool fans.

Why should you leave the club to experience something very special?

Juventus & # 39; Emre Can, Paulo Dybala and Matthijs de Ligt sit on the bench during the Serie A Italian football match in Parma

But that's exactly what you can do, and as Digby explains, this step has worsened.

"It was a pretty bizarre decision by Juve to let him out (from the Champions League squad) in favor of people like Blaise Matuidi and Sami Khedira who are slowing down a lot," said Digby.

"Can is still young, has a lot of energy and is just the type you need in the Champions League, especially when the rest of the midfield is filled with more creative and offensive players like (Miralem) Pjanić and (Adrien) Rabiot and Aaron Ramsey. He seems to be a perfect slide for these guys.

"But they made the decision to leave him out, and it seems, as I've been told, that it's because they basically tried to force him to transfer to another location this summer."

"Can has reported to PSG a few days before the closing of the transfer window and before the caucus deadline for the Champions League, and that Juve has accepted a bid, but he has decided to stay." In this offer, Juve apparently took home rackets and ball and said, "He would not stand in the Champions League if he had gone to PSG, so he will not be there anyway."

"Like I said, it's bizarre because he should be one of the last players they want to get rid of, he's just arrived and has a much better future than Sami Khedira or Blaise Matuidi, it's a weird thing.

"So I do not accuse him of being angry and ranting a bit about it, but in this interview, in which he said he was angry, he also said he had not been informed by the club (about the decision) from him Exclude squads of the Champions League). Later, however, I was told that this was absolutely the case, and not long after I was notified, he offered a much more controversial attitude on Twitter (his situation). I think he hit his wrists.

"He's going to have a tough time seeing what January brings, whether he's back in Juve's squad, or if he wants to go ahead and accept an offer to go elsewhere."

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Digby believes that Can play for Juventus in Serie A.

As new coach Maurizio Sarri has apparently preferred 32-year-old Khedira to his compatriot, the season could be shorter than last season when the 25-year-old played 37 games in all of Juve's competitions, scoring four goals.

"It was a bit difficult because of this illness problem and the whole team had problems with coach Max Allegri, but when he was fit and playing he was good and after (Cristiano) Ronaldo scoring three goals, he too was probably Juves best Player in the win against Atletico Madrid, who ended the draw in the Champions League, "said Digby.

"Can played in a role in which he sometimes played in midfield, as a right-back and sometimes as an additional center-back. He was everywhere, he was great and that's why he seems to be the most versatile player you need in your Champions League squad. He can help you change the formations on the field, and it's a shame he'll miss that. "