End of the construction stop after more than six months: construction work on the canal bridge continues – Münster

The construction site on the canal bridge at Wolbecker Strasse was deserted for over half a year, and work has now started again. Specifically, fitters are busy erecting auxiliary supports on the lower part of the bridge, which lies on the western bank of the canal. The bar arches, which form the backbone of the entire bridge construction, are later placed on these supports.

The rod arches were made in the UK. Due to the special construction of the bridge, as well as due to the Brexit and Corona, there were very significant delays in the manufacture and delivery of these components. This messed up the entire schedule.

Bridge only gets provisional position

As soon as the bridge assembled on site is completely finished, it will be floated in and given a provisional position north of the current canal bridge. Then we dismantled the old bridge and built a new abutment at this point. As a final step, the new bridge is then moved to the position of the old one.


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