“It was the worst day of my life”: he lamented Bethany Rosser being the protagonist of a terrible accident that turned his life into a complete nightmare. What happened? The young woman from England suffered Burns third grade on his face after he exploded the eggs It boiled in the microwave.

The 22-year-old assured The sun who read an online recipe stating that there was no risk of parboiling the eggs in the microwave with water, without bursting, as long as salt was added. He followed the instructions to the letter, cooked them for six minutes at 900 W and then took them out to cool them.

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Early in the morning, Bethany was preparing for breakfast, but when she went to check if the eggs had been boiled, she suffered the powerful impact of a explosion on the left side of his expensive. “I felt like if my skin had been torn off, I was so scared. I've never been so scared in my life, I was shaking and crying, ”he said.

The young woman who was alone at home, called 999 and was transferred to the hospital burn unit Queen Elizabeth of Birmingham, England, where wet bandages were placed on his face.

"I feel horrible, but nervous, since I'm not sure I can see through that eye when the inflammation goes down," he said in The Sun.

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According to specialists, the burns of Bethany They will not heal and that your skin may show a long-term discoloration. He also revealed that he has not been the only victim of this terrible accident. "I have a cousin who did the same, but they did not fall on his face," confessed the woman very upset.