A pedophile, who dressed in Santa Claus to take photos at children in exchange for money outside a department store in Newcastle (England), he was arrested and jailed by police officers.

The 40-year-old subject, identified as Stephen Brown, was for several hours at the same point as some boys approached him. But, store security personnel began to suspect the way he behaved and communicated it to the officers.

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He pedophile He was arrested and authorities discovered that the subject had already been placed behind bars for five years in 2012 after possessing obscene images and inciting a minor to participate in a sexual act.

As Chronicle Live reported, Brown he was jailed and will pass the Christmas in jail. The Court of Magistrates of Bedlington (England) sentenced the man to six weeks in prison.

The Chief Inspector of the Northumbria Police, Steve Wykes, indicated that “there was a fantastic atmosphere in the city before Christmas and thousands of people were in the area doing their shopping. ”

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It transpired that Stephen Brown would have told a teenager to have sexual intercourse through an anonymous account through social networks. The girl contacted police officers and arrested him at his home, where they discovered thousands of pornographic images of children, according to The Mirror.

After the conviction, the man could not have contact with any boy, unless you have the corresponding permission from your father or an attorney who is aware that the subject is pedophile.