English ‘golden bachelor’, billionaire and friend of Prince Harry, gets engaged

He had not been without a partner for long, but he had been long enough to be considered, at 39 years old and according to several British media, the gold bachelor From United Kingdom. We are talking about Charles Innes-Ker, a great friend of Prince Harry and who after the death of his father in August 2019 inherited around 100 million pounds (about 114 million euros), as well as the title of Duke of Roxburghe.

But that title (that of being one of the most coveted, not the aristocratic one) is about to expire: He got engaged to his girlfriend Annie Green a few days ago and, as several friends of the couple have confirmed to Daily Mail Through their journalist Richard Eden, they are thinking of getting married once the coronavirus pandemic has reached their The End.

Charles (or Charlie, as his relatives call him) studied at the prestigious Eton College boarding school in Windsor, where a strong group of friends was created, including the youngest son of Charles of England and Lady Di, a relationship that intensified when years later they both agreed at Sandhurst Military Academy.

In fact, although he is not someone very fond of being in the public eye, he has attended some events that the prince has organized both before and after his marriage to Meghan Markle. In these events, in addition, he has attended alone or, in any case, accompanied by who has been his partner in recent years, Iranian fashion designer Morvarid Sahafi, also 39 years old.

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As a result of this six-year relationship, their only daughter was born, four years old, although previously with Charlotte Aitken, daughter of the English magnate Lord Beaverbrook, although this marriage did not last even a year, since wedding and divorce happened in 2011, although they were dating since 2005.

Charles Innes-Ker and Annie Green met last summer and in all likelihood, once husband and wife, will reside at Floors Castle, an astonishing castle (that this same year celebrates its 300th anniversary) with 200 rooms on a plot of just over 21,000 hectares in Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Green, at age 31, studied occupational therapy at the University of Edinburgh, is the stepdaughter of Patrick Quirk, a famous businessman who made his fortune in South African mines, and his brother Nick belonged to the elite Bullingdon Club of the University of Oxford, a society whose members are only wealthy men and which has become notorious for its binge eating, bad behavior and vandalism.

A particular matchmaker

Despite this, there are those who defend Annie Green as someone “incredible”: Sahafi herself. Yes, the former partner of the businessman, who after his time in the army and the war in Iraq, the eleventh Duke of Roxburghe decided to create Capstar, a security company and private drivers whoe has on its employee lists men and women wounded in combat – which relates him to the Invictus Games that Prince Harry set up – he is in favor of the union and has given his approval.

“I think he has made a great choice; she is a good friend and a really wonderful person “, has affirmed to Daily Mail Morvarid, who parted ways with Charles (who also holds the titles of Marquis de Bowmont and Cessford, Earl of Kelso and Viscount Broxmouth) just before the isolation from the pandemic began.

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“I’ve known her for 15 years. In fact, I knew her before than him “, says the designer, who says she is “very happy” with the news of the upcoming wedding between the two: “I myself could not have chosen a better person. Annie is incredible.”


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