Ephemeris of February 15

Madrid, Feb 14 (EFE) .- Santoral for Monday, February 15, 2021: Saints Cratón, Faustino, Jovita, Severo and Quinidio.

The Sun rises tomorrow at 08.12 and sets at 18.47 (GMT).

The Moon rises tomorrow at 10.16 and sets at 22.39 (GMT).

1763.- Prussia, Austria and Saxony sign the Treaty of Hubertsburg, which ends the Seven Years’ War.

1806.- The French Empire signs the Treaty of Paris with the kingdom of Prussia, which after being defeated at Austerlitz joins the continental blockade, closing its ports to British trade.

1856.- A royal decree establishes the obligation to frank letters with stamps in Spain.

1876.- The Constituent Cortes of the Bourbon restoration meet to draft a new Constitution in Spain.

1898.- The sinking of the battleship Maine in the port of Havana becomes the origin of the declaration of war by the United States against Spain for the sovereignty of Cuba.

1902.- The first underground railway network in Germany is inaugurated in Berlin.

1934.- The Spanish Falange and the Unionist National Offensive Boards merge into FE de las JONS.

1942.- The Empire of Japan occupies Singapore during World War II before the unconditional surrender of the British.

1971.- The decimal system comes into force in Great Britain.

1982.- The sinking of the Ocean Ranger oil platform off the coast of Newfoundland causes the death of its 84 occupants.

1989.- The USSR concludes the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan in accordance with the Geneva Accords.

1990.- Argentina and the United Kingdom reestablish full diplomatic relations, broken in 1982 by the Malvinas war.

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1992.- A Shining Path commando assassinates the Peruvian social activist María Elena Moyano, popularly known as Madre Coraje, for her fight against terrorism.

1999.- The leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Abdulá Ocalan, is captured in Kenya and transferred to Turkey to be tried for terrorism.

2003.- Millions of people demonstrate around the world against the invasion of Iraq by the United States.

2016.- The former prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, becomes the first former head of the country’s government to enter prison, after being convicted of corruption.

2017.- The European Parliament approves the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada (CETA).

2019.- US President Donald Trump decrees a national emergency to finance the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico alleging an illegal immigration crisis.



1564.- Galileo Galilei, Italian mathematician and astronomer.

1908.- Pedro Laín Entralgo, Spanish physician, teacher and essayist.

1927.- Carlo María Martini, Italian cardinal.

1928.- Waldyr Pereira, Didí, Brazilian soccer player.

1931.- Claire Bloom, British actress.

1937.- Manuel de la Calva, member of the Dynamic Duo, Spanish composer and singer.

1941.- Andrés Amorós, Spanish writer.

1948.- Marisa Berenson, American actress.

1951.- Jane Seymour, British actress.

1968.- Gloria Trevi, Mexican actress and singer.

1976.- Oscar Freire, Spanish cyclist.



1847.- José Robolledo de Palafox, Spanish military man.

1965.- Nat King Cole, American singer.

1966.- Camilo Torres Restrepo, Colombian priest and guerrilla.

1988.- Richard Feynman, American, Nobel Prize in Physics 1965.

1999.- Henry Way Kendall, 1990 American Nobel Prize winner in Physics.

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1999.- José Luis Cano, Spanish writer, founder of the “Adonais” poetry collection.

2007.- Robert Alder, Austrian, inventor of the remote control.

2009.- Joe Cuba, American musician of Puerto Rican origin.

2014.- Pedro Arregi, Spanish chef.

2015.- Sergio Blanco, Spanish singer, member of Mocedades and the Sergio y Estíbaliz duo. EFE

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