Epic! Against all odds, Netflix and Disney Plus star in romance?

UNITED STATES.- The arrival of Disney Plus Latin America has been a true boom. His fans have begun to share their photos enjoying this new streaming platform, as it has all the titles of, at least Star Wars and Marvel. But to the surprise of many people, Netflix welcomed you through Twitter in a friendly way and, Disney’s response was epic.

In this way, the internet went crazy after a series of threads through Twitter by the accounts of both platforms in Latin America. Hello @disneyplusla. Welcome to Latin America! You’ll see that here are the best fans. May the force be with you and Hakuna Matata, “wrote the Latin Netflix profile to the surprise and joy of many and many.

But this did not stop there, because Disney + replied: “DO NOT PUBLISH: respond by confirming that Latin American fans are the best and, incidentally, confess all our love for the stories of @netflixlat. * Note: stop using this resource (for a while) ”. Given this, Internet users turned to both tweets to fill both platforms with “hearts”, but it didn’t stop there.

Netflix responded by writing and joking to the users: “Protip: Prepare to be asked for the third season of The Mandalorian, even if the second season has not finished.”, And of course, Disney returned to the load: “Speaking of which: When will the 5th of Cobra Kai? It’s for a friend”. Without a doubt, it is to admire the epic of these threads that quickly became a trend.

Finally, it is important to note that both platforms have been immersed in controversy over an alleged rivalry. Given this, we can assure you that the arrival of Disney Plus has brought a great deal of joy, especially for Star Wars and Marvel fans, coupled with the great variety of classic titles. Although a lot of public has begun to request new series with exclusive content for adults.

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