Epic-Apple dispute reveals details of Walmart’s cloud gaming service

The new ones documents filed as part of the court case Come in Epic Games and Apple have revealed new details about the cloud game streaming service that Walmart had been developing, and which he introduced to Epic Games in 2019.

A April 2019 email thread confirms reports from the same year that Walmart I was talking to the developers about a game streaming service. The service, known as Project Storm, was designed to be a “open ecosystem” that would allow users to stream from the cloud or download games to a Windows PC and play locally. Documents attached to the email thread show that Walmart had been shipping this system to publishers like Epic, and was planned to support third-party launchers como Steam, Uplay, Epic Games Store, Origin, Battle.net y Bethesda Launcher.

A diagram explaining the system also indicates that standalone games would be supported, same as AAA, through third-party launchers. Users would have the option to subscribe, buy games, or use the ‘BYOG’ system (bring your own game, presumably through the linking with accounts like Steam and portability through your existing library).

Among the new details in the emails, Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein sent messages that detailed a clip that attached a phone to a controller, so that players could use the Walmart system. They’re going to sell the clip for an incredibly low amount, they were saying something like $ 2 “Rein said. He further points out that using it was “more comfortable than playing on a Nintendo Switch.”.

Walmart streaming clip

Rein too had the opportunity to play using the service, which he detailed in the thread. “I played the Walmart demo on an Android phone (with an Xbox controller) and the experience It felt like playing on a PS4 and superior to playing on Android or iOS. “, He said.

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“As well the moved to a laptop in real time (video stream jumped from phone to laptop instantly) and I played there too. One more time, it was VERY superior to playing it on the Surface Pro laptop of my daughter.”.

It’s unclear if Project Storm is still in development. or if the idea has been abandoned, but originally beta period planned for July 2019. As for Epic’s streaming partnership plans, finally the company partnered with Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming system to make Fortnite available to play in the cloud.

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