At GDC 2019, Epic Games presented an amazing Unreal Engine 4 demo called Troll. According to the team, this demo ran on a single NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti, demonstrating what developers can now achieve with real-time ray tracing.

As mentioned at Epic Games, the following tech demo gives you an idea of ​​what developers and developers can do with ray tracing.

Run on the Unreal Engine 4.22, the demo features unprecedented cinema-quality lighting with complex soft shadows and reflections.

Nick Penwarden, Director of Engineering for Unreal Engine at Epic Games, said:

"Raytracing is more than just reflection – it's about all the subtle lighting interactions needed to create a natural, beautiful image. Ray tracing adds subtle lighting effects throughout the scene, making it all more real and natural, making it easier to capture beautiful shots. "


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