Epic lawsuit. There is competition in the video game market: Apple

Apple, the manufacturer of the iPhone, said that en his defense against accusations of monopolistic practices made by Epic Games, plans to argue that it faces abundant competition in the trading market for video game.

Epic, game developer Fortnite, sued Apple last year in federal court in California, claiming that the commissions of between 15 to 30 percent that Apple charges for the use of the payment system within the applications and the practice of Apple to exercise control over which applications can be installed on their devices correspond to anti-competitive behavior.

The dispute arose after Epic tried to implement his own payment system within his popular title Fortnite and Apple subsequently banned the game in the App Store.

The case will have a hearing in May at Oakland, California, before the district judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who will have to decide which notion of “market” is correct to analyze Apple’s measures in search of signs of anti-competitive behavior.

Epic has framed his case around the idea that telephones iPhone from Apple, with an installed base of more than one billion users, they represent their own distinctive market for software developers.

Epic argues that Apple has monopoly power over that market because it decides how users can install software on devices and says it abuses that power by forcing developers to deliver their software through the App Store, where developers are subject to fees on some transactions.

In a presentation that Apple planned to do so on Thursday, the company rejected that idea and said that the right market to analyze the case is the market for transactions of video game, which includes platforms such as Nintendo and game consoles Xbox from Microsoft, which also limit the software that can run on their hardware and charge developers fees.

Apple He said he plans to argue that consumers have many options on how to transact video games, including purchasing virtual tokens from game developers on other platforms such as Windows PCs and using tokens on iPhones with no fees for the game developer.

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