Erdogan: “The borders of Turkey are at the same time the borders of NATO”

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sent a video message to the 12th edition of the Halifax International Security Forum.

He stressed that it is “wrong and impossible to enclose Turkey, an Afro-Eurasian country in geographical terms, in a narrow framework.”

“We do not have the luxury of turning our backs on either the East or the West. We never omit Asia and Africa when developing our relationship with Europe. We do not view our recently progressed cooperation with Russia as the alternative to our long-standing ties with the United States. Exclusively, we attach great importance to our position within NATO of which we have been a part for 68 years ”, stressed President Erdogan who said that“ Turkey’s borders are at the same time NATO borders ”.

Erdogan said that Turkey assumes critical responsibilities as a reliable ally in the face of new challenges and threats that NATO faces.

“We will not allow this truth to be overshadowed and questioned for narrow political motives. It is natural that we expect the same spirit of solidarity and sensitivity as we defend the interests and rights of our state and allies.

Erdogan said that “Turkey has the will to continue its determined fight against threats to international security and stability.”

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