Erdogan: “We consider the fight against the pandemic as a suprapolitical national issue”

Speaking during the plenary session of the parliamentary group of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), the President of Turkey and leader of the ruling party, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said they consider the fight against coronavirus pandemic “As a supra-political national issue that concerns the health of the entire 84 million inhabitants of the country.”

The president affirmed that the challenges for the reinforcement and growth of Turkey continue.

“While we continue to fight terrorist gangs and coup leaders in the national territory and abroad, we continue our fight for the progress and growth of our country,” he stressed.

-Channel Istanbul-

The head of state also referred to the “Istanbul Canal” project that will unify the Black Sea with the Aegean Sea.

“The report of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIM) of the project has been completed with the contributions of 56 institutions and entities, more than 200 scientists, the media and the public. Hopefully we will soon call the auction that will be held in stages for this crucial project. We will lay the first stone in the summer. I want the Istanbul Canal to be for the good of our country and our people, the construction of which we will begin, albeit with too much delay ”.

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