She is the youngest daughter of Leopold III and Princess Rethy. As the daily reported The evening, October 10, 2019, the princess Esmeralda from Belgium was arrested in London, where she resides, while participating in a protest by the Extinction Rebellion movement, an environmental movement of nonviolent civil disobedience.

After taking part in a blocking action on Trafalgar Square, along with other numerous environmental activists, she was arrested and taken to a police station in the English capital: "I was taken in a van with two other demonstrators, we arrived at a police station, she told The Echo. There is an interrogation, fingerprints, a photo, your DNA. It says that all this will be destroyed if you are not subject to prosecution. Then I was put in a cell. It all lasted five hours. "

She was released, free of charge, but still under investigation. If this is her first arrest, the 63-year-old journalist is not at her first demonstration of the kind: "Through their mobilization, the groups Extinction Rebellion brought a new speechshe explained to Le Soir. So far, all the demonstrations and other attempts to get the authorities to act have resulted in fine words and commitments rarely followed by action. I am convinced that peaceful civil disobedience movements can have results."Esmeralda of Belgium did not participate in the action of Extinction Rebellion this Saturday in Brussels, in the gardens of the royal palace.