Eternals: Marvel announced the date and showed us the first images of the long-awaited film

Eternals, from the Oscar winner for best film Chloé Zhao, already has a release date and official images of its characters. We tell you all the details and news, in this note!


Marvel Studios finally gave us the first glimpse of what will be Eternals, his long-awaited film that will be tasked with introducing a new group of super-powerful beings to the MCU. The pandemic cut the tradition of May in recent years of opening with strong superhero films on the first weekend of the month. And even though the world is already beginning to show some signs of relative normality, the situation is still lacking. Therefore, although we do not have a powerful premiere in theaters, we have previews of upcoming productions.

Eternals by Chloé Zhao, the best picture Oscar winner for Nomadland, promises to be a production that tries something different with the superhero genre. In this case, we will find a group of immortal beings with fantastic powers, which have existed practically since the dawn of civilization, and lived among humans for thousands of years, without dying, and inspiring some of the myths of many civilizations.

In the new sequence we can see Salma Hayek What Invite, the leader of the group. Accompany her Lia McHugh What Sprite, of a much younger appearance than the other characters; the veteran of Game of Thrones Richard Madden What Ikari; Angelina “Lara Croft” Jolie What Then; Gemma Chan in the skin of Sersi; Y Kumail Nanjiani What Kingo. The characters appear in the sequences that seem to take place in the present, but which may also be the past.



Eternals It would have originally come out on November 6, 2020, but after the pandemic and health crisis forced to reschedule premieres, we will see it almost a year later – on November 5, 2021

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