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The city of Catania (Sicily) and the surrounding municipalities have woke up covered in ash and fragments of lava, after the violent eruption of the Etna volcano that it lasted several hours and temporarily closed its airport.

The highest active volcano in Europe began one of its frequent eruptions on Tuesday afternoon, this time of great intensity, with emissions of lava, ash and expulsion of lapilli, fragments of stone, that reached the nearby towns and Catania.

The spectacular eruption of Etna volcano this Wednesday.

The eruption, which raised a column of smoke of more than a kilometer, lasted about an hour and forced the Catania airport to suspend all its activity due to visibility problems.

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The lava tongue descended through the desert Valle del Bove, reaching 1,700 meters, in an area far from inhabited centers, according to the Catania Institute of Volcanology

Etna eruption

The emissions of lava, ash and expulsion of lapilli, stone fragments, reached the nearby towns and Catania.

Since this morning, they have begun to clean the cities of the ash and to count the damages, especially in the crops, and the local authorities hIn some municipalities, the circulation of motorcycles and bicycles has been prohibited due to the danger of the roads.

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The Institute explained that these episodes are a typical phenomenon of the recent eruptive activity of Etna.

From 1977 to the present there have been hundreds of episodes similar to the current one, including the exceptional sequence of 66 between January and August 2000 and about 50 between 2011 and 2013.

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