In the Brexit dispute, Brussels and London seem to be getting closer again. The EU states gave the green light for new negotiations on a withdrawal agreement. All information in the news blog.

On October 31, Britain wants to leave the EU. The biggest hurdle before a Brexit deal is the question of how to keep the border between Northern Ireland and EU neighbor Ireland open.

14:17: Brussels and London are negotiating again

After unexpected progress in the Brexit dispute, the European Union sees new opportunities for agreement and launches another intensive round of negotiations with Great Britain. Corresponding reports confirmed diplomats on Friday the German Press Agency in Brussels.

Thursday, 10.10.2019, 19.30 clock: Possible way out of Brexit dispute

"Very good," Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar summed up the two-hour talk with his English colleague Boris Johnson. Both Dublin and London wanted an agreement that would take into account the interests of Ireland, the UK and the EU. There is a way to a possible deal, it says in a joint statement. Details were not known.

On 17 October, EU leaders will meet at a summit. By October 19, Johnson is required by UK law to bring an agreement through parliament, otherwise he is required to request an extension of the Brexit deadline.

10.00: State Secretary warns EU citizens against deportation

UK Secretary of State Brandon Lewis has warned unregistered Germans and other EU citizens about deportation if they do not apply for a residence permit by December 2020 at the latest. "The reality is that we voted to quit, and our government needs to implement that decision," Lewis told the "World." Britain will leave the EU on 31 October, the State Secretary said.

Because of the impending Brexit, the government in London had introduced the Settled Status Procedure for EU citizens living permanently in the UK. In the event of an unregulated withdrawal from the EU, EU citizens will still have until 31 December 2020 to apply for a residence permit. If the government in London still reaches an exit agreement with Brussels within the next three weeks, EU citizens will have time until 30 June 2021.

6:47: In the Tories apparently the resistance against Johnson grows

In the Cabinet of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson grows according to a newspaper report, the resistance to a Brexit without a contract. Five Cabinet members are on a list of potential resignation candidates, the newspaper The Times reported. They have great reservations about leaving Britain without a contract.

These included Minister for Northern Ireland, Julian Smith, Minister of Education Nicky Morgen and Minister of Justice Robert Buckland. An unnamed minister said the report said a large number of Conservative MPs would leave the party should Brexit go unchecked.

If Britain leaves the EU without a contract, massive economic collapses are expected. Johnson does not rule out an unregulated Brexit and wants to lead his country from the EU by 31 October at the latest.

October 8, 8:01 pm: Röttgen – Boris Johnson abuses phone call with Merkel

The CDU foreign policy politician Norbert Röttgen has criticized British statements about a phone call by Prime Minister Boris Johnson with Chancellor Angela Merkel. "Johnson is trapped in the trap of Brexit hardliners and therefore probably has no leeway in the matter," said the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag. "It looks like he's abusing the phone call with the chancellor to blame her."

Johnson had phoned Merkel on Tuesday and then leaked a devastating summary. This was first reported by the station Sky News, at the seat of government Downing Street the German Press Agency confirmed the authenticity of the message. It states that the EU has taken a new position.

Merkel made it clear that a Brexit agreement was "extremely unlikely" and that Britain could only leave the European Union if Northern Ireland remained permanently in the European Customs Union and the internal market. "If this is a new, well-established position, it means that an agreement is in principle impossible, not only now, but always," the London News said.

"There is no new German or EU position to Brexit," said Röttgen of the "world". "A deal based on Boris Johnson's latest proposals is unrealistic by the end of October."

17:16: British government calls deal "prinzpiell impossible"

In an internal statement that was supposed to have been ripped out of Sky News, and whose existence was confirmed but not its content, the British government should refer to the Merkel-Johnson call.

Merkel made it clear that an agreement was "extremely unlikely" and that Britain could leave the international community only if Northern Ireland remained permanently in the European Customs Union and the internal market.

"If this is a new, established position, it means that an agreement is in principle impossible, not only now, but always"According to Sky News, the announcement from London said

13:05: Tusk accuses Johnson "stupid Black Peter game" before

In the Brexit dispute, EU Council President Donald Tusk has addressed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with sharp words. It's not about winning a "dumb Black Peter game," Tusk wrote on Twitter. It is about the future of Europe and Britain, about the security and the interests of the people.

"You do not want a deal, you do not want a deadline extension, you do not want to revoke the withdrawal, quo vadis?" Tusk asked in the direction of Johnson. Shortly before, after a phone call from Johnson to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the British government leaked that London no longer believed in an agreement with the EU. Tusk was in Berlin for a meeting with Merkel on Tuesday.

12.30 pm: Merkel demands compromise from Johnson

Chancellor Angela Merkel called for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to compromise on the issue of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Merkel made it clear in a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister that otherwise a Brexit agreement would be "extremely unlikely", according to a British government source.

In an internal British communication referring to the telephone call, it is said that the EU has taken a new position. Merkel made it clear that an agreement was unlikely and that Britain could leave the international community only if Northern Ireland remained permanently in the European Customs Union and the internal market. "If this is a new, well-established position, it means that an agreement is in principle impossible, not only now, but always," the British government says. The federal government only confirmed that there had been a phone call.

Monday, October 7, 15:15: Court rejects enforcement action against Johnson

For the time being, the Scottish Supreme Court does not want to threaten British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with coercive measures if he does not comply with the law against an unregulated EU exit. The British media reported from the courtroom in Edinburgh. The case could be appealed on Tuesday in the Scottish city.

The British Parliament passed a bill in September obliging the prime minister to request an extension of the Brexit deadline should no agreement be ratified by 19 October.

3:12: EU will decide by the end of the week on Brexit Deal

The European Union is reported to be deciding by the end of next week whether a Brexit deal with Britain is possible. This was reported by French President Macron to British Prime Minister Johnson in a telephone call, British and French media reported. The broadcaster BBC cited a source from the Élysée Palace, after which Macron Johnson had said, "that the negotiations with the team of (EU chief negotiator) Michel Barnier should be continued rapidly in the coming days to judge the end of the week, whether a deal is possible that recognizes the principles of the European Union ".

Johnson told Macron that the EU should not be lured by "false beliefs", there could be a postponement of Brexit on October 31, PA News reports, citing a Johnson source. It was the last chance to avoid a Brexit without agreements. However, Johnson is required by law to request an extension if no deal is completed by October 19. However, a renewal of the deadline would also have to be accepted by all 27 remaining EU states.

Johnson has also told Macron that he believes a deal can be finalized, but the EU must respond to UK compromises, the BBC said. Previously, Johnson had tweeted that Brexit would take place on October 31st. The EU and Britain are trying to reach an agreement before the EU leaders Summit on 17 and 18 October.

October 6, 11:49 am: Johnson's new government proposals will not work

The question of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain, which is part of Great Britain, is particularly sensitive in relation to Brexit. Now, former Prime Minister Tony Blair (Labor Party) criticizes the current government under the conservative Boris Johnson in this regard: "The latest government proposals will not work." Blair calls Johnson's proposals "bizarre": "Northern Ireland would remain part of the European single market, but Britain would abandon it."

Blair fears that the Irish border will no longer be "open" in the future. This is important for the continuation of peace on the island.

10.53 clock: EU Council Chairman expects another Brexit shift

Current EU Council President Antti Rinne is open to another Brexit postponement. "I would be prepared to consider a request to extend the negotiations," said the Finnish Prime Minister of "Welt am Sonntag". It was important to prevent a hard Brexit. At the moment, it looks like there will be no deal until the end of October and there is a risk of a hard Brexit. In this case, Rinne expects an extension request. He assumed that the EU leaders would speak at the EU summit on 17 and 18 October not about a concrete exit agreement with Britain, but rather about a renewed extension of the Brexit negotiations.

Finland holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from July to December. Rinne said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson still has two weeks to come up with new proposals for a deal. "But it seems Johnson only now understood what a big mess it is and he's having a hard time making a suggestion to get him out of it," said the Social Democrat. "That's why I fear that the October summit could be more about lengthening than concrete solutions to the situation."

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