EU vaccination campaign is less organized than Brexit

“If the EU had copied the negotiating structure of the Brexit, it would be better off now”
To this day it is not known who exactly negotiated the supply contracts for the EU and who on the part of the member states watched over the negotiations. At the head of the negotiators was Sandra Gallina – an EU official who had previously only concluded trade deals. “During Brexit, there were clear responsibilities with a well-known person at the top,” emphasizes Bech Hansen. It is still not too late to hand over the management of vaccination procurement to a distinguished personality.

Other countries have done this with success. In Moncef Slaoui, the USA had acquired a pharmaceutical manager with many years of experience in the vaccination business for their “Operation Warp Speed”. The British handed the organization of the vaccination campaign to venture capital manager Kate Bingham, who specialized in the industry.

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