EU wants to explore “room for improvement” in trade with London

Brussels. The EU wants to reduce the problems caused by Brexit in trade between it and Great Britain as much as possible. “Together with the United Kingdom we will see where there is still room for improvement in the application of the trade agreement,” said European Minister of State Michael Roth on Tuesday on the sidelines of a video link with EU counterparts.

At the same time, the SPD politician made it clear that at least some of the difficulties did not come as a surprise: “It was inevitable that Britain’s exit from the EU and the internal market would lead to a break in the ties that we had built up over more than 40 years . “

Among other things, companies recently complained that since the new trade agreement between the EU and Great Britain came into force, the movement of goods between the island and the continent has been jerky. There are reports of waiting times at border controls that lasted for hours.

The EU most recently accused Great Britain of failing to implement Brexit agreements. EU Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic criticized the fact that agreements to control the movement of goods between Northern Ireland and the other parts of the United Kingdom are not being complied with. He also criticized misinformation from traders and the lack of access to customs data by EU representatives. (dpa / yes)

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