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After bilateral negotiations that lasted around 10 years, Turkey and China reached an agreement on the future trade in chicken meat. The first exports to China will soon start from Turkey. This will benefit the Turkish poultry sector worth $ 20 million.

According to the National Poultry Farming Association, Besd-Bir, approximately 52,000 tons (mt) of Turkish chicken thighs had been imported from China in the past by indirect routes, generating a turnover of 45-50 million dollars. However, the value of direct trade is estimated at around 70 million.

Agriculture Minister Bekir Pakdemirli described the agreement with China as an “important step” for the Turkish poultry sector. The deal was reached after Turkish companies met strict standards, such as food safety standards.

Gedik Piliç will be the first company to participate in the export; At the same time, some 40 more companies have applied to the Chinese authorities for an export license. The Association hopes that other poultry products will be introduced into China’s foreign trade in the future.

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