Park made headlines around the world after scooping £ 1million at the age of 17.

Ever since then, she has made news on extravagantly spending that fortune.

Luxury holidays, fashion accessories, a boob job and a Brazilian bum lift are just some of the things Jane has splashed out on.

And now, the lottery millionaire is hoping money can buy her love.

Park, 23, is making the cash offer.

Jane Park

EUROMILLIONS: Jane Park scooped £ 1million at the age of 17 (Pic: Instagram)

A source told the Mirror how she will film the interview process for a documentary, set to air next year.

The source said: "Jane is amazing and has so much to give up.

"She's never sure she's being loved for her or her bank balance.

"So she would rather have the arrangement out in the open.

Jane Park Jordan Piggott

COUPLE: Jane pictured with her former footballer beau Jordan Piggott (Pic: PA)

Jane Park

ENHANCED: Jane Park has spent a fortune on her body (Pic: Instagram)

"Jane has a tendency to be insecure sometimes and worries about people's motives.

"She is willing to pay the right price for someone loyal."

Park dated X Factor finalist Sam Callahan in 2016 but they are cheating over reports.

And her relationship with teenage footie ace jordan piggott ends after a couple of months.

Jane Park

WEALTHY: The EuroMillions winner has reportedly spent a bundle on plastic surgery (Pic: Instagram)

"She is looking for love"


Earlier this year, Park refused to say much of her fortune remains.

She told BBC Radio Scotland: "This is a question everybody asks me.

"I would never get into figures or search on TV or radio but I'm comfortable now and I'm sure if that ever changed.

"I have bought a few houses. I've done it with you and I'm just getting it now. "

Camelot for negligence, believing she was too young to buy a ticket.

Jane Park

ENOUGH: Jane has the money to be comfortable (Pic: Instagram)

She has since called for the legal age to buy a ticket to 18.

And she has since revealed she had spent all her money.

She added: "It's easy to spend the money.

"I have had a couple of cosmetic surgeries. I went shopping and bought handbags and shoes and stuff like that. "


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