Europa League | Arsenal complicates life against Slavia Prague, meritorious comeback of AS Roma against Ajax

A goal from the Czech center-back Thomas Holes when the clock was already ticking four minutes above 90 it embittered the night to a Arsenal that he offered a fairly neat image throughout the match, but that, as so many times throughout this season, he was unable to make the most of his good intentions.

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Although he did not play brilliant football, he Slavia Prague He never lost his face to the match and ended up finding a perhaps unexpected prize in that corner that was already presumed as the last play of the game. The goal neutralized the signing just 8 minutes earlier by the Ivorian Nicolas Pepe. The 1-1 forces the gunners to seek a victory in the return clash.

Ajax forgive and AS Roma approach the semifinals

The AS Roma looks to the semifinals after beating 1-2 at the Ajax de Ámsterdam in a game that could have a very different history. And it is that, just five minutes before Lorenzo Pellegrini signed 1-1, the Serbian Dusan Tadic missed a penalty that added to the initial goal of Davy Klaasen it could have put the score at an already surely inaccessible 2-0 for the Italians.

However, after the intervention of Pau López in the maximum penalty, the Roman team found reasons to recover their spirits and ended up signing a meritorious comeback. The Brazilian central Roger Ibanez, responsible for the naive penalty, was in charge of signing the 1-2 at the exit of a corner.

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