Europe 3-2 Spain, the balance of LaLiga representatives in international tournaments

After two missteps in the Champions League and one in the Europa League, Granada and Villarreal improved the image of Spanish football.

The first preview, according to the experts of a football that enjoys being unpredictable: PSG is not going well, it is not even a leader in Ligue 1 and Neymar and Di María will not be in the game. The result: victory of the French team by 1 to 4 at the Camp Nou. The second preview, according to the analysts of a football that erases logic: Borussia Dortmund is not doing well, they are sixth in the Bundesliga and Sevilla, above all, are favorites because they are showing off in each of their last games. The result: victory of the German team by 2 to 3 in the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán. The Champions League week for Spanish teams ended with a very negative balance. And the day of the Europa League did not improve much the performance of the representatives of LaLiga.

Europe 3- Spain 2. This is how the game that was played from Tuesday to Thursday ended. The breakdown: Barcelona 1-4 PSG, Sevilla 2-3 Borussia Dortmund, Real Sociedad 0-4 Manchester United, Granada 2-0 Naples and Salzburg 0-2 Villarreal. Important blow for Spanish football? Do defeats open debates that seemed to be closed? Did LaLiga, in the current season, lose weight on the continent? Is it the announcement of another near crisis? Or was it just a negative week that shouldn’t set off alarms?

Salzburg and Villarreal 18022021

The summary of the five games is also surprising for the goals received: 11 in the first three games (Barcelona, ​​Seville and Real Sociedad). Another detail – no less – in this first international balance of 2021: of the five Spanish teams that competed in the last three days, four played at home …

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The next Spanish commitments in Europe

Tuesday, February 23: Atlético de Madrid vs. Chelsea

Wednesday, February 24: Atalanta vs. Real Madrid

Thursday, February 25: Naples vs. grenade

Thursday, February 25: Villarreal vs. Salzburg

Thursday, February 25: Manchester United vs. Real Sociedad


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