European Court of Human Rights adopts precautionary measures against Turkey for the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The European Court of Human Rights accepted the request for the application of precautionary measures made by Armenia against Turkey for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. According to Rule 39 of the Rules of procedure, the Court may order precautionary measures against any Member State of the European Convention on Human Rights as soon as there is an imminent risk of irreparable damage.

The request is made for the attacks that have occurred since September in the Artsakh region (internationally known by its Russian name Nagorno-Karabakh), against the civilian population that has been the victim of military attacks by Azerbaijan. While Azerbaijan points out that the actions are reprisals for Armenian military activities in its territory, a conflict that has escalated with various armed attacks in the last 10 days against the civilian and military population.

Faced with the conflict, the Court has already applied precautionary measures against both parties, ordering them to refrain from taking other measures, especially military actions, that may violate the rights of the civilian population guaranteed in the Convention, especially those that put life and health at risk. In addition, it calls on them to fulfill their commitments to respect the right to life, Article 2 of the Convention, and the prohibition of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment in Article 3.

Considering that there are other States with interests in the conflict, such as Russia, Turkey and Pakistan, the Court has called on all of them to refrain from taking actions that violate the rights guaranteed in the Convention.

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