European Court of Human Rights condemns Turkey for violating freedom of expression of journalist and deputy | International

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) condemned Turkey on Tuesday, in two different cases, for violate the freedom of expression of a journalist and a female deputy.

The judges of the judicial institution of the Council of Europe ruled, unanimously in the first case and by majority in the second, that Turkey had violated Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects freedom of expression.

The first application submitted by Banu Güven, a well-known journalist in Turkey, referred to a provisional court order “prohibiting the dissemination and publication (by any means of communication) of information relating to a parliamentary investigation dealing with allegations of corruption against four former ministers ”in 2013.

The court considered that this request “had a significant impact on the exercise by the plaintiff of her right to freedom of expression on a current issue.”

For this, Turkey was ordered to pay 1,500 euros (1,800 dollars) to the journalist.

In the second case, Turkey was ordered to pay 5,000 euros (6,000 dollars) for moral damages and 4,000 euros (4,800 dollars) for expenses to the diputada prokurda del HDP Filiz Kerestecioglu Demir, whose parliamentary immunity was lifted in 2016 as part of a constitutional reform.

This constitutional reform “intended limit the political speech of parliamentarians “ in the context of “fighting terrorism”, explained the ECHR in a statement.

However, the woman still facing criminal charges in Turkey for his participation in a political meeting in February 2016, in which slogans considered “provocative” were allegedly chanted.

The European court regularly condemns Turkey for violating human rights, especially after the coup attempt in July 2016 that was followed by major purges in the army, the judiciary, the media and NGOs.

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