European Leagues Association wants more money from UEFA



European Leagues Association wants more money from UEFA

The Association of European Leagues has called for an increase in the allocation of resources to UEFA, especially for those who do not participate in the Champions League.

The little leagues in Europe are opposed to the Super League. Photo: Youtube

The Champions League It is the most important tournament in the world and it captures the attention of the football world; But in Europe it is not the only tournament that takes place and there is even more football in addition to the big leagues.

It is precisely that football that is in the background that at this time has greater problems derived from Covid-19, so they have come together to be able to request that UEFA be allocated a greater amount of money to be able to survive.

“There is a distortion in national powers that is generated by the current distribution of money. We believe the figure should increase from four to eight percent for clubs that do not participate in continental competitions.‘Said Lars-Christer Olsson, President of the European Club Association.

Fighting for a fairer distribution of money is one of the organisation’s objectives, as well as maintaining the competitiveness of football, which is why the association’s clubs are strictly against the Super League project.

“We have agreed with all our member clubs that all teams that play international competitions must be classified by the merits achieved in their respective leagues”, he sentenced.

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