Evaluates correct confinement passengers arrived from London

Santo Domingo.- Neurosurgeon Amaury García considered it correct that the authorities confined passengers who came to the country more than a week ago through Punta Cana from London due to the circulation of the new strain of conavirus-Covid-19 in the United Kingdom.

He argued that it is a wise epidemiological health measure.

“It is annoying, but it is correct,” he said.

The neurosurgeon Amary García, from La Fuerza del Pueblo, declared in El Sol de la Mañana, from RCC Media, expressed that we have the ability to move in 24 hours from some cities to the Dominican Republic.

“And if there is evidence that genomic groups that monitor mutations, such as London, that have this technology, and they were able to warn that this reality already existed in their territory, it is a correct measure that the Dominican Republic already done that, “he argued.

He stated that although it is anger with confinement, but that it is a correct epidemiological measure.

He offered the information regarding a comment by Anibelca Rosario in El Sol de la Mañana, from RCC Media, about the detection of those who came from the United Kingdom at the time, but nevertheless those who come from Brazil, the United States, Spain, China and other countries where the new strain of coronavirus has been detected.

The neurosurgeon Amaury García said that although he considered Anibelca’s approach reasonable, if the number of infections was triggered in countries it is due to something.

He pointed out that as this mutation is 70% times more contagious, which was found by the group from South Africa and confirmed by the group from London, he says that the one taken by the Dominican Republic is a correct measure.


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