Every Sunday in week 42

It is now mid-October and November 2020 is approaching. It’s crazy how the time has passed in this (difficult) year. I hope you are doing well so far and you can switch off a bit this autumn weekend. During the week there was definitely something going on. For example, Apple has presented its new iPhone generation.

The new iPhone 12 and 12 mini as well as the two higher quality iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are intended to attract new customers and entice existing customers to upgrade. For the Pro models, for example, the video capabilities have been properly spiced up and clips can now be recorded with Dolby Vision. Sounds very exciting even to me as an Android user, but I’d at least like to see it in action. There was also the HomePod mini – a new smart speaker from Apple.

Amazon in turn is now producing a new series on “I know what you did last summer”. There was a teenage horror film in the 1990s, which in turn was based on the book of the same name. Let’s see what we can do with it in the series. Speaking of series, I’ll also come back to Apple: Because the free trial year for the Apple TV + streaming offer is still available. However, only new customers can benefit.


On Wednesday, the new OnePlus 8T was presented again, to which Felix also dedicated a first impression. But the OnePlus Buds Z also saw the light of day – possibly also interesting for some of you. Also interesting: The EU is said to have drawn up a kind of black list of tech companies that you want to take a closer look at. Let’s see what happens when the mill of bureaucracy begins to grind.

Last Sunday, Felix again took a closer look at the UniFi access points nanoHD and FlexHD in the test. Caschy tried the Netgear Orbi LBR20 and I myself devoted my time to the game “Star Wars: Squadrons”.

Of course I wish you all a great Sunday today! Here in the blog there will of course be more articles to read in the course of the day. Caschy, Benny, Olli, Felix and I would be delighted if you continued to be loyal to the blog. Start tomorrow the new week well and before I forget: Here are the ten most read articles of the last week.

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