Everyone was surprised! Marcelo Bielsa gave his first technical talk in English: “It was incredible to hear him”

Marcelo bielsa is going through his third year in England at the helm of Leeds United and continues to surprise those targeted. The ‘crazy’ continues to make an effort to learn and, to communicate better with the players, he has been taking English classes for a long time. In this sense, Jack HarrisonOne of the team’s figures said that the Argentine was encouraged to give them a technical talk in English.

In an interview to the portal CBS Sports, the Leeds midfielder said that Bielsa was in charge of giving the technical talk himself. “A couple of weeks ago he read one of the speeches in English for the first time. It was amazing to hear it from him and to know that he is trying. He has been taking English classes and is trying to speak more and more English, ”said Harrison.

The English classes that the Argentine coach takes are beginning to bear fruit. Despite working alongside a translator, the 65-year-old manager is known to make an effort to learn the language. In fact, his knowledge of English begins to show in press conferences when the coach takes charge of correcting his translator.

However, Harrison also takes advantage of the coach to learn better Spanish. In fact, the midfielder’s girlfriend is Costa Rican, so she understands the language a little better. «I studied Spanish in school a little bit, so I know how to formulate sentences, it’s little things like that. The past tense, the future and all this. My girlfriend is actually from Costa Rica, so I understand a lot of Spanish. I get a little shy when it comes to speaking it.

The Leeds calendar

Following the loss to Tottenham, Bielsa’s team prepares to bounce back in the championship. For this reason, the sights are set on the next meeting in front of the Brighton and Hove, corresponding to the date 19 of the Premier League. In case of adding the three points, the Yorkshire team could definitely relax with the descent and, if the results are good, be three points from the international cup area.

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