Everything happens in Barcelona and its history

From gunmen to Porcioles, Barcelona experienced almost everything that can happen to a big city for half a century. We talk about the twenties to the sixties of the twentieth century, in which Barcelona was a party, with encounters at the height of Ascot, but also with deaths from pistol shots in the street before the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. Construction of the subway began in the 1920s, followed by the International Exhibition, the Republic, the war, the postwar period, the shanty town, but also the creation of the Seat and the appointment of Mayor Porcioles. “It started well, covering Aragó street,” he said. Lluís Permanyer, author of
The splendor of bourgeois Barcelona

The journalist and chronicler of the city located the historical period that, immediately afterwards, and moderated by the writer Emma Riverola (
The paper amulet
), three novelist journalists, Sergio Vila-Sanjuan (
I was in the air
Sergi Doria
Don’t say you know me
) Y
Andreu Claret
The consul of Barcelona
), analyzed from their novels. That happened yesterday afternoon at the Born Center de Cultura i Memòria, in the last acts of this edition of the Barcelona Novel·la Històrica festival.

The present edition in streaming closes with an average of visualizations that duplicates the hundred of assistants of the previous editions

Thanks to the advice of Permanyer, a database of flesh and blood, the comments of the writers were apostilled with precise and juicy details from the chronicler. As when Doria referred to the appearance of the Chinatown
in the twenties and the chronicler of The vanguard He added: “A city of 600,000 inhabitants with a single urinal.”

Claret, son of exile, confessed that he had become obsessed with war, and asked his father how it was that, if they were so good and Franco so bad, they had lost the war. And her father told her: “Franco has not won the war, we have lost it.”

And Vila-Sanjuán referred to the sophisticated Barcelona of the sixties, which became the most modern, cosmopolitan, in the capital of advertising, “a very intense moment, which is what led me to write the novel, and that was lost and has not been recovered.”

After this session, the last round table approached the Spanish-American writers who have had Barcelona as a reference for some of their works, such as the authors of the boom, which the journalist and colleague have studied so well
Xavi Ayén
. On this occasion, those summoned were the writers
Juan Pablo Villalobos, Pola Oloixarac, Santiago Roncagliolo and Rodrigo Fresán
, moderated by the poet and editor
Aurelio Major

Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, Sergi Doria, Emma Riverola, Lluís Permanyer and Andreu Claret chatting about twentieth-century Barcelona (Xavier Cervera)

Although the festival ended today, some acts had to be suspended due to the pandemic, but still the writer Martí Gironell Yes, it has developed, as in previous editions, its literary routes, available in podscast on the Barcelona Novel·la Històrica website.

Y Màrius Serra
officiated the last act with the literary contest Cronos, in which authors of works with history, ancient or current, participated, such as Sebastià Alzamora (
The kings of the world
), Jordi Amat (The driver’s son), Enric Calpena (
The first captain
), Núria Esponellà (
Soul of the north wind
), Martí Gironell (
Word of Jew
), Pablo Martín Sánchez (
Diary of a stubborn old man
), Albert Pijuan (Tsunami), Núria Pradas (
A lifetime to remember
), Pilar Rahola (
The spy of the Ritz
), Maria Carme Roca (
In Bàrcino
), Toni Soler (
A good sky
) and Albert Villaró (
The Nordic Company
). The contestants had to guess the historical period in which the fragment chosen and read by each of its authors was located.

Last Monday, the festival curator, Fèlix Riera
, summoned the hundred regular attendees of each act in the previous editions of Barcelona Novel·la Històrica to connect online this week. Once the virtual doors of this unique edition were closed, the average number of views had doubled. The novel and the story are interesting.

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