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The arrival of Disney+ in Latin America on November 17 allowed users to finally see The Mandalorian, the spin-off series from the de universe Star Wars created for the platform. From the beginning, subscribers had access to all eight episodes of the first seasonalready three of the second. The remaining five that will complete it will be released weekly on Fridays.

If you already saw the first full season, surely you were left with many questions and with several points that were left open for this new part. Let’s do a review of where we are before the start of the second part.

As we all imagined, the new episodes of the Disney + show will continue with the adventures of This Djarin, “the Mandalorian” or “Command” played by Pedro Pascal, who worked as a bounty hunter during the New Republic Era.

The Mandalorian: What do we know so far?

In his Mandalorian armor and distinctive beskar helmet, our protagonist has an enigmatic past: we know who was orphaned during the Republic Era Y He was raised as a foundling by the Sons of the Guard. There, he trained to become a Mandalorian warrior to later join the Tribe, which operated in Nevarro but was secretly part of the Sons of the Guard cult.

Man of few words and one of the best hunters, from the beginning of the series he has a little companion: El Niño. As we saw previously, the relationship between “Mando” and the little one we all nickname Baby Yoda mutually reinforces each other.

The Mandalorian. The first time Mando and El Niño were face to face.

They will accompany the duo Cara Dune (Gina Carano) and Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), the closest affections that “Mando” could do the previous season. Another character that will return is Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), the warlord who lives off the remains of the fallen empire and wields a dark saber, a weapon created precisely by the first Mandalorian to join the Jedi order.

What will happen in this second season? Without going into too many spoilers, the first previews showed us that In this new installment Gideon will continue with the persecution of Baby Yoda and his protector, which in turn will travel through space trying to return the child to its place of origin.

The trailers of this second part show us the crosses between the Mandalorians and the order of knights, who seem to gain a lot of importance in the story.

The Mandalorian: a long-awaited connection to the Star Wars saga

Without a doubt, the most anticipated return for this season is an old acquaintance: Boba Fett. In May, The Hollywood Reporter had revealed that in these new chapters the actor Temuera Morrison would appear as the legendary bounty hunter in the original trilogy who already played Jango Fett in Attack of the clones in 2002.

In the story, Jango gave his DNA to the generation of the clone army of the Sith and where Boba came from, a copy that he raised as his son. Boba, who would later become the renowned gunman. There are those who maintain that the silhouette that appears at the end of the fifth episode of the first season belongs to Fett.

Boba Fett, the expected character for the second part of The Mandalorian

Boba Fett, the expected character for the second part of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian: How Season Two Was Prepared

The development of a second season of The Mandalorian had started in July 2019 when it was thought about how to expand the success of the series with new characters, several already known within the Star Wars universe.

Fortunately, the filming of the new chapters began in October 2019 and it continued until March 2020, just a few days before the Coronavirus pandemic is declared, and that it was forced to pause all the film and television productions that were being made.

With the scenes already shot, he only had the post-production process, which had to be done remotely. The same happened with the recording of the main score by the composer Ludwig Göransson.

The Mandalorian, the series that captures fans (and not so fans) of Star Wars

The Mandalorian, the series that captures fans (and not so fans) of Star Wars

The chapters of the second season of The Mandalorian

The second season of the show began on Friday, October 30 on the Disney + platform. Like the first part, has 8 episodes with a weekly premiere every Friday.

The first three chapters are now available: the first is named “The marshal” and is followed by “The passenger” Y “The heiress”. The names of the following episodes, 4-8, are not yet known.

Following this schedule, the last chapter will be enabled on Friday, December 18. However, once concluded, we will have to be patient because only the third season would arrive by the end of 2021. Let’s wait …


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