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The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, this Friday (02.12.2021) compared Chilean President Sebastián Piñera with former United States President Donald Trump for the application of his deportation policy against migrants.

“The government of Sebastián Piñera of Chile shows a cruel and inhuman act by deporting migrants, just as Trump did, without any rights, putting his life at risk in the midst of the outbreak of the pandemic,” Morales said on his Twitter account.

On February 10, the Chilean authorities expelled 138 irregular migrants of Colombian and Venezuelan nationalities who were stranded on the northern border with Bolivia, an area that – for days – has experienced a strong migratory wave.

“For the right there is no solidarity or human being, only business and profit,” said former President Morales, who has always had several disagreements with the Government of Chile, which in 2017 he described as “the Israel of South America” ​​due to the expulsion of nine Bolivian officials from Chilean territory.

Bolivia and Chile investigate the death of Jaime Veizaga

On the other hand, the Bolivian and Chilean authorities are working to clarify the death of a Bolivian citizen, who would have been abandoned – still alive – in a medical center in the Chilean city of Calama.

The Deputy Minister of Institutional and Consular Management of Bolivia, Eva Chuquimia, confirmed that Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta asked his Chilean counterpart, Andrés Allamand, to expedite the efforts to investigate the death of Jaime Veizaga. In this case, two agents of the Carabineros (Militarized Police) of Chile are detained.

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