Ewan McGregor and his sustainable journey in Latin America

A common childhood dream, shared perhaps by millions of people everywhere, is to travel the world, one day, in the company of your best friend. Ewan McGregor, the famous Scottish actor, can boast of having materialized this desire at least three times. The most recent, throughout Latin America in the company of fellow actor Charley Boorman, both aboard prototypes of Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycles. The result of the journey lived by the pair of friends is visible in Long Way Up, the new Apple TV + series.

“We have experienced a lot together, on our adventures, close to each other. When it is cold, when it is raining, when we are lost (…) we have always been together side by side. I think I know him very well and he knows me very well, we both know when to leave each other alone, that kind of thing. We love each other, ”says McGregor.

A friendship that fills the screen and is key in the formula of Long Way Up, production of Apple TV +, By the way, shot in the final stretch of 2019, when the world was oblivious to the restrictions posed by the ongoing pandemic and the possibility of undertaking trips around the planet seemed, at least, more feasible than today.

In the company of Charley Boorman, the actor drove a prototype Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle. Photo: Apple TV +.

“Each city is different from the previous one, and when you are on the border, everything changes profoundly: the landscapes, the people, the farmland … it is like a new chapter every time you cross the border,” he explains, recalling an adventure that It made him step on thirteen countries and drive almost 21 thousand kilometers on a motorcycle.

“Each city is different from the previous one, and when you are on the border, everything changes profoundly: the landscapes, the people, the farmland … it is like a new chapter every time you cross the border”,

Ewan McGregor.

“I think we are closer in many ways”, analyzes the actor when contrasting this journey with the two undertaken previously. In the light of time, McGregor reveals that he longs for the taste of some fish tacos he tried in Oaxaca. He recalls that as it passed through Mexico, the production stopped in a town near the city of Oaxaca, which was off the tourist radar. Once there, he narrates that he dared to ask a question: “Where are the best fish tacos in town?”, And, he says, they answered him on the spot. However, when he did not find anything in sight, beyond a nearby gas station, he mentions that he repeated his question. It was then that they specified the location of the restaurant.

“We finally found a small seafood restaurant where the food was incredible,” he says, and summarizes the experience with enthusiasm: “We ate deliciously while watching the gas station; it was fantastic”.

Bet on the planet

One of the premises of Long Way Up is its commitment to the planet, by showing that it is possible to embark on a continental journey aboard an electric motorcycle, this time exclusively designed by Harley Davidson.

Long Way Up was shot in the final stretch of 2019. Photo: Apple TV +.

Riding the motorcycles through the changing geography of Latin America offered a memorable on-screen experience and posed a complex challenge previously contemplated by production. It was a challenge that led, unexpectedly, to the conquest of new friends. “One of the reasons I like to do these trips is because always, no matter where you are from or what your circumstances are, there is a kind of goodness in people. When you have a problem, whether you are lost, or you have a breakdown, someone always wants to help you, “says the actor with a smile on his face, and concludes that plugging in the bikes was a nice way to meet people.

To one last question: What advice would you give someone who wants to undertake a journey like yours ?, McGregor responds: “I think a lot of people say they have a desire to take a trip, and I insist that they do so. You don’t need much, in fact, you will find many things along the way (…). It doesn’t have to be a long trip, it can be for a week and it can be a lot of fun. “

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