Ewan McGregor discovers his Chilean connection to his motorcycle trips

There are only months until his 50th birthday and things couldn’t be better for him. Ewan McGregor He will soon begin filming the series with which he will return to the world of Star Wars
as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Meanwhile, he records the latest episodes of Halston , a series for Netflix in which he plays the genius of fashion, a good example that in the career that began in his native Glasgow 27 years ago and led him to become a star on both sides of the Atlantic, he continues to maintain a privileged place, with a Globe of Gold among his many awards, which also includes a Goya nomination for The impossible . And although he refuses to talk about his family life and the four daughters he shares with his ex-wife, Eve Mavrakis, a French art director whom he married in 1995 and from whom he separated a couple of years ago, the Scotsman has been able to unleash his other great passion, motorcycles and traveling around the world, in another series from Netflix with which he completes a trilogy started in 2004 with the BBC.

“I love acting,” Ewan clarifies and explains: “I was not wrong when I dreamed of becoming an actor as a child. I know that I am doing what is perfect for me. And I also enjoyed my experience as a director when I did American pastoral . It was the natural step after having been in front of the cameras for more than 25 years ”.

In September of last year, he began a journey with his great friend Charley Boorman and cameraman Claudio von Planta.

But when he starts talking about motorcycles, his expression lights up even more: “Riding them is a very important part of my life. It is very different from a car. You are much more involved in the precision of each movement and there is much more emotion, I guess because you are more vulnerable. Every trip is a little adventure, because anything can happen, especially in Los Angeles or London, where something crosses your path or someone suddenly opens a door. You have to be extremely careful, but that’s exactly what I like. ” McGregor explains that if he doesn’t bring his daughters, he prefers to get around on a motorcycle: “I love when I can go to the set very early. At 5.30 the empty streets are very tempting. It’s much better than dozing off while a driver takes you. Although many times the production companies do not allow it and they send me a car, ”he confesses with frustration.

After traveling from London to New York across Asia and then again from London but to Cape Town through Africa on adventures financed and filmed by the BBC, in September of last year he began another motorcycle tour with his great friend Charley Boorman and the Swiss cameraman Claudio von Planta, this time leaving from Ushuaia (Argentina), the southernmost city in the world, to reach his home in Los Angeles in the Brentwood neighborhood, the same where Marilyn Monroe died. This time the trip was very different, since they did it on electric motorcycles, so they had to plan everything meticulously to get to a place where they could recharge them at night before continuing on their way. Many times they had to drive in the dark for hours: “In the two previous trips everything was more improvised. Maybe at 4 in the afternoon we were tired and decided to stop, look for a place, set up our tents, make some tea and spend the rest of the evening talking around a campfire. On the other hand, this time it was all very mathematical and all the time we had to calculate how far the load would reach us, which was very stressful ”, he recalls. McGregor toured a good number of countries, but there was one that struck him in particular, Chile, simply because in his family there is a connection with the land of Pablo Neruda. “My great-great-grandfather was Scottish and at the end of the 19th century he traveled to Chile as an engineer to help build the railway. He married a Chilean woman, had a son and then died there. As an adult, his son traveled to Glasgow, where he had never been, to work in the Chilean consulate and stayed. It is a very sad story because he sent the ticket to his mother so that she could move to Scotland with him, but she died during the trip ”, he reveals.

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