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Aliny Mendes was stabbed in Ewell

A man has appeared in court for murdering a four-headed mother who was stabbed in the street.

Aliny Mendes, 39, died on Friday afternoon in London's Ewell Street in Surrey.

The Surrey Police said a man got off on London Road and attacked her.

Ricardo Godinho, 41, of Kingston Road, Epsom, was charged with murder at the Staines district court and later to appear at the Guildford Crown Court.

He is also accused of possessing a blade article.

Mr. Godinho talked about a Portuguese interpreter and gave his nationality as Brazilian and Italian.

An online fundraiser for the return of Ms. Mendes's body to Brazil has surpassed her £ 40,000 goal.

Another man, arrested on suspicion of supporting a perpetrator, was released without further action.

Surrey police said the case had been transferred to the Independent Police Department.