Former Sinn Fein MP Barry McElduff has announced that he will be taking part in the Omaha council elections next summer.

Mr. McElduff was forced to leave as a representative for West Tyrone after he took pictures of posing on the head with a kiln branded with Kingsmill on the occasion of the anniversary of the Kingsmill massacre.

Mr. McElduff said at the time of his resignation that staying in his job would hinder efforts to reconcile Northern Ireland, but he did not know that the post coincided with the anniversary of Kingsmill.

On social media this Thursday, he posted: "I'm proud to be selected alongside Marty and Anne Marie tonight to move forward to Sinn Féin's Omagh Town in the 2019 parliamentary elections."

In October, the prosecutor announced that McElduff would not be prosecuted for the video.

Barry McElduff with kingsmill loaf on his head

In a statement issued by Sinn Fein, Mr McElduff said: "It is an honor to be elected for ratification by Ard Comhairle in order to meet the upcoming Council elections for Sinn Féin in Omagh, a city for which I have a great affinity and proud to be able to represent you in the past.

"At Omagh we have a very hard-working representative and a community champion, Councilor Martin McColgan. We are determined to maximize our potential by winning three seats in the next election.

"City Councilor Anne Marie Fitzgerald will also be moving from Mid Tyrone to Omagh, and since someone who already represents Killyclogher has already lived there and has strong family and professional connections to the city, this will be a natural transition.

"For my part, I'm proud to serve people in West Tyrone over the last 20 years, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming campaign and being part of a dynamic team that returns the maximum number of Sinn Féin Council members."

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