A mother beat a troll troll who embarrassed her because of her educational skills – when she was looking for food.

When Tracy Bennett visited her supermarket, she had not expected to be raised about her mothering abilities.

She was exhausted, she claims, saying that a random man tried to embarrass her while she was doing her weekly grocery store.

Tracy waited in line with Costco with Elliot, two, and Isaac, seven months, and the two were restless.

The mother pulled out her cell phone to log into her Costco app when a man approached her at the North Carolina store.

He asked, "Do you see these babies?

"They make a fuss about wanting your attention, maybe you should take off your phone and pay attention to them."

Tracy tried to explain what she was doing, and it was not until she got home that she began to think about what she wished she had told him, as reported by The Sun.

She wrote about the lactating Mama Talk Facebook group in a post that found great response: "First of all, I had no idea that the toddler kept saying" Mama Pizza, Mama Pizza "and the baby before that Crying warned me to point out that if we do not move soon, he will lose it, wanted my attention.

"Thank you for this brilliant analysis of the situation."

Tracey went on to explain in the post, which spread like wildfire on Facebook, that the trio had been in the queue for 15 minutes.

During that time, she tried everything from books and games to snacks to entertain her boys.

The man must have stood in line for a total of two minutes, she added.

She told social media followers, "Thank you for your parenting advice. Thank you for taking the time to embarrass a young mother with two small children. Thank you for choosing a stressful moment.

"Anyone who sees a mother (or father) with small children in public somewhere expects her to be stressed out, so let's say she's trying her best to overcome the situation."