Expect the launch of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with entertaining videos

Blizzard Entertainment has prepared some content for the Latino community for the launch of the World of Warcraft expansion.

After a delay of a few weeks, the return to the universe of World of Warcraft It is just around the corner. Although it is a short time we know that it can seem endless, so from Blizzard they share us something interesting for the waiting time.

Something that characterizes Blizzard Entertainment is that from time to time they like to go out of the ordinary, for which in collaboration with Viacom International, Touche Films and Porta dos Mundos have prepared us vvery interesting ideas. On behalf of the Portuguese-speaking channel we have “Making contact” and in Spanish “Uncle tells the weeping woman”. 2 productions with humorous content designed to introduce the new stage of the popular MMO in a very fun way to the Latin public and which we share below:

World of Warcraft: Shadolands comes to our PCs next November 23.

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