Expectation for the liquidation of Angus de La Tormenta by Zambrano & Cía

The next Saturday April 10 Zambrano & Cía will put an outstanding offer of Aberdeen Angus cattle for consideration on the Liquidation of The Storm de Portón Campero SA, a very prominent cabin in the department of Florida.

This activity will be developed virtually, considering the recommendations to avoid face-to-face activities given the health emergency due to the covid-19 pandemic, starting at 15 hours.

Genetics with “very first level”

Alejandro Zambrano, director of the desk, reported that La Tormenta’s offer includes “top-notch” animals.

This time the firm will disperse 400 copies of the Aberdeen Angus breed with excellent proposals and all categories.

Will be offered pedigree animals These include 84 calves, 10 pregnant cows, 18 pregnant heifers, 21 unserved heifers, 12 embryo transplant calves and calves, 10 weaned calves and 20 bulls.

There will also be pure controlled specimens Among those who enter the offer 66 breeding pieces, 25 pregnant cows and 29 pregnant heifers.

The offer will be completed with 120 vaquillonas SA pregnant, it was detailed from the auctioneer desk.

Years of work and investment

Zambrano also commented that there are very outstanding animals and that the cabin “had been working hard and was at its best after years of work and investment.

Financing details

The auction It will be carried out with financing from the Scotiabank bank that offers a term of 180 days free or 12 installments in dollars without interest.

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Also, this time customers will be able to access various benefits.

Those who pay their purchases in cash will get a 6% discount and those who pre-offer a 1%.

Those customers who buy the animal for which they pre-bid will have the free freight service, as well as those who buy 10 animals or more.

The auction can be followed live on Campo TV, DirecTV and the desktop website.

Below, the catalog with the details of the offer:

20210410 La Tormenta Catalog Ok by Analia Pereira on Scribd


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