Export of 200 tons of walnuts produced in San Felipe to Turkey

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Agrofruta Tocornal, located in the commune of San Felipe, sent more than 200 tons of walnuts in shell to the Turkish market.

“They have been difficult years for agriculture. First the drought and this year the rains that occurred at the end of January, plus the pandemic, have made everything very complicated, “he said. Ricardo Reinoso, third generation in charge of the company that his grandfather Guillermo started more than 70 years ago.

Agrofruta Tocornal, responsible for the Natural Quality brand, is characterized by a series of good agricultural practices such as the reduction in the use of agrochemicals, fertilizers and herbicides, intelligent irrigation, a packing with photovoltaic energy thanks to solar panels and Global Gap certification for its processes of selection, packaging, cooling, refrigerated storage and dispatch of fresh fruit.

These attributes led her to be part of ProChile a Tu Medida, an acceleration program for companies with high export potential. As part of the first phase of work, they managed to set up a website with institutional video, high-quality photos, and all the necessary commercial information to advance in a negotiation process.

“We are constantly participating in the different activities organized by ProChile. This is how we signed up for the online business conference for exporters of nuts that ProChile Turkey organized ”, explained Reinoso.

The activity, carried out between June 3 and 16, held more than a hundred meetings and served as the first contact between the Turkish buyer and the San Felipe producers. At the beginning of March, Özge Tuysuzo? Lu, ProChile en Estambul at Directora Comercial, He received the request and managed to get both of them to meet via Teams and that is how the purchase process began.

“The client wrote to me to get to know the company. He came to Chile at the end of March, he learned about our processes, our plant and was fascinated. Online contacts are useful, but it is very important to know the counterpart personally. There is a lot of brokers, but there are not many serious companies with their backs, “added the businessman.

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From Istanbul, Tüysüzo? Lu commented that Turkish clients are very demanding and that is why they personally care that everything that is said in meetings is supported in reality. “Turkish buyers are experts when it comes to nuts. They know very well the global market, the production of each country, the effect of the weather, the quality of the harvest, the prices, and for this reason they demand detailed and transparent information. Also, as most exporters will know, they enjoy negotiating prices. “

The commercial director of ProChile in Turkey added that “during 2020, with the entry of the Chinese walnut to the markets and with very competitive prices and with the high production from the US, Turkey’s attention was temporarily diverted from Chile. However, after experiencing the low quality of products from these countries, this year the interest of Turkish importers was again oriented towards the Chilean walnut. By detecting this opportunity, we have intensified contacts between Chilean exporters and Turkish importers ”.

Another plus was that the buyer paid for the fruit before shipping it. “That doesn’t happen much. Generally, a lot of credit is requested, the little ones suffer with this issue but since they saw that we are a serious and orderly company, they took the risk and paid us here, ”added Reinoso.

In this regard, the Regional Director of ProChile, Vicente Alti, comments that “in general it is not known that the profits of agricultural companies tend to be adjusted due to the large number of intermediaries between the producer and the final consumer. With events like this we shorten that chain, managing to bring more capital to our country, which translates into benefits for all ”.

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The arrival of the walnuts is budgeted for mid-June. However, there are already plans for the year 2022. “We were able to generate an authentic commercial relationship and now they want us to be their link with other producers that we trust. The challenge is trying to do something even bigger for next season together with other producers in the area ”, concluded Reinoso.

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