Extenda drives the fish sector to the United Kingdom to cover new trends in healthy consumption

Two online business meetings cover business opportunities detected in the Covid-19 crisis towards the British market, in which Andalusia has increased its agri-food exports by 9.9% in the first seven months of 2020.

Extenda has developed two direct online trade missions to the United Kingdom dedicated to contacting British importers of the meat and fresh fish industry, in order to increase the business presence in a market in which the agri-food industry sells more than 1,000 million euros per year, and that even in 2020 it maintains a growth of 9.9% in the first seven months compared to the same period of the previous year.

These commercial meetings, the result of the map of business opportunities in the world prepared by Extenda in the first months of the COVID-19 impact, have allowed the participating Andalusian companies to develop up to 17 bilateral meetings with 12 British importing companies, where they have exhibited the properties and benefits of its products, in order to increase its sales.

This commercial day has had the participation of four Andalusian companies from the agricultural and fishing sector, including Red Tuna from the Strait

The two commercial actions, developed thanks to Extenda’s new digital strategy, seek to take advantage of a new consumer trend towards a healthy and Mediterranean diet that emerged among the British population after the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in the United Kingdom. In this way, the public company offers Andalusian firms the possibility of covering a market of opportunities, which also requires imports to supply the full demand of its population.

At the same time, these commercial sessions comply with the commitment of the Andalusian Government to support companies in the region that are going to face the new conditions of access to the British market, acquired through the program of preparedness and contingency measures before the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of the European Union, launched last February by the Junta de Andalucía.

In this sense, Extenda also activated this August the ‘Advisory Program for the Preparation of Contingency Plans for Brexit’, a new consulting service that aims to advise companies in the community that may be affected by Brexit, to minimize the impact that this reality may have on their businesses.

United Kingdom, strategic market for Andalusian agri-food

In the past year 2019, Andalusian agri-food exports to the United Kingdom grew by 0.5% to reach 1,030 million euros, representing the fourth destination market for Andalusia, with 9.2% of total agri-food exports region of. In addition, the community remained the leading exporter of agri-food products to the British market with 26.1% of the total in Spain, followed by Murcia (18.3%) and Catalonia (14.2%).

Almería was the province that most exported to the United Kingdom, with 364 million euros and 35.4% of the total; followed by the province of Huelva, with 291 million and 28.3%. In addition, the exports of Seville also stood out, with 148 million (14.4%) and those of Cádiz, with 91 million (8.9%).

Between the first seven months of this year, Andalusia agri-food exports to the United Kingdom have reached 770 million euros, which represents a 9.9% increase in exports compared to the same period of the previous year, also maintaining the first position as the most exporting community.

This commercial day has had the participation of four Andalusian companies from the agricultural and fishing sector, among which was Red Tuna from the Strait.

These direct online missions held in the United Kingdom are also part of Extenda’s support strategy for Andalusian firms in the face of the crisis generated by Covid-19, promoted by the International Active Program, through the search for business opportunities in markets in recovery, individualized support and measures that favor its treasury, worth 1.5 million euros. As part of this strategy, internationalization programs have been digitized and new initiatives have been launched, adapting their development to the digital sphere, so that community firms can maintain their activity abroad.

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