On Monday, environmental activists hired nearly a dozen locations across London, including Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Waterloo Bridge. The police have arrested more than 1,100 people in connection with the protests over the past five days.

The Mayor of London was attacked by Shaun Bailey, the conservative candidate for the Mayor of London, who accused him of hiding under his desk.

Mr. Bailey said, "Extinction Rebellion, your point has been clarified.

"There is a climate emergency, but we also have a crime emergency.

"You can not distract the police any further, as long as we had two deadly tricks.

"If Sadiq Khan is too busy hiding under his desk to tell you, I'll do it."

The next mayoral elections in London will take place on 7 May next year.

Extinction rebellion calls for Britain to become carbon neutral by 2025.

Mr. Khan has declared a "climate emergency" for London, one of the main demands of the Extinction Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion is in the middle of a two-week protest that has demonstrations and direct actions around the world.

On their website, the group that considers man-made climate change as a critical threat to the planet has listed three key demands.

They insist: "The government must tell the truth by declaring a climatic and ecological emergency and working with other institutions to communicate the urgency of change.

"The government must act now to halt the loss of biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025.

"The government must make the decisions of a citizens' meeting on climate and ecological justice and be guided by them."

On Thursday, Extinction Rebellion activists attempted to close London City Airport.

One protester, paralytic medalist James Brown, got on a British Airways plane.

The action was condemned by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick as "reckless, stupid and dangerous".

A number of other demonstrators clung to the ground to close the airport.

On Monday, protesters parked a small truck in front of the Home Office and a hearse in Trafalgar Square.

Protesters clung to both vehicles and refused to prompt the police to leave.