Sebastian Vettel says that Lewis Hamilton undoubtedly deserves to win the World Cup, which he seems to do for the sixth time this year.

After a strong performance from Ferrari in the preseason, Mercedes conquered the title at the beginning of the season, and Hamilton won eight of the first twelve races.

Asked if his rival deserves another championship, Vettel said, "No, he does."

"I think Mercedes has obviously had the best car in the last few years," said Vettel. And I think there are other riders who could have had a very good chance of winning a championship title.

It's a combination of that, much as I did not enjoy the years he won, especially when we fought-not so much towards the end, as I would have liked to do you appreciate the fact that it's the combination.

"It's not just Mercedes and it's not just Lewis, it's the combination of the two that has reached a point where they are very, very hard to beat, very consistent, very few mistakes.

"It's a credit to him and a credit to the team, I do not think you can separate them, I think it's always fair to mention them."

Vettel is still one of four drivers who can beat Hamilton mathematically this year, but he is 128 points behind and 130 are available for the remainder of the season. Valtteri Bottas is 73 points behind Hamilton, Charles Leclerc is 107 points behind Hamilton and Max Verstappen is 110 points behind him.

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