Fabián Bustos, firm on the Barcelona bench

They put cold cloths in Barcelona to the criticism that coach Fabián Bustos has received of a sector of the fans that is dissatisfied with the operation of the Canarian team.

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Those comments gained intensity after the home draw against Liga de Quito at the Monumental and the fall against Olmedo as a visitor, even the victory over Independiente del Valle recently unleashed opposing voices, not because of the result, but because of the scheme of del Toro, described as a “speculator” on social media.

According to the sports vice president of Barcelona, ​​Aquiles Álvarez, they are satisfied with the work of the yellow strategist, that did not pass the group stage of the Copa Libertadores de América after accessing that instance by overcoming previous rounds.

“Beyond the media issue, as a leadership we are calm, we understand football from another perspective. Professor Bustos’s campaign in numbers is very good. The first stage left us because of football. All teams want to be champions and in the second stage we are up ”, the Canarian manager said.

In addition, he endorsed him by saying that they are witnesses of the work of the strategist, that last season he reached the national title with the Dolphin.


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“We see his work day by day, we have seen a media issue against him. But we support him and on the remaining dates we hope to reach the final, “added Álvarez, before the match against El Nacional, which will be played today at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium, starting at 7:00 p.m.

Is that the three points become urgent for the canaries in an effort to get first place in the stage, which would allow him to qualify for the next edition of the Copa Libertadores and play the final of the tournament against the Quito League.

For this duel, Barcelona will not be able to count on Mario Pineida, who meets the Ecuadorian soccer team. From then on, Bustos has complete equipment to measure the military, who in the first stage added a goalless draw at Coloso del Salado.


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