Facebook Council to announce Wednesday whether to veto Trump

EFE.- The Facebook advisory board, created by the company itself to act as a sort of supreme court on what content should be removed from the platform, will announce this Wednesday if it maintains or lifts the veto former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

In an email sent to the media, that body announced that the decision will be known on Wednesday at 09.00 US Eastern Time (13.00 GMT), and that it will give a press conference to explain the reasons for its resolution.

Trump remains vetoed from Facebook and Instagram (owned by the first) as a result of assault on the US Capitol on January 6 by hundreds of supporters of the then president, some of them armed.

The intention of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg is to make the suspension permanent.

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In recent months, the issue has been examined by five members of the advisory body, who later presented their conclusions in a debate in which the 40 members of this body participated, who finally reached a consensus by majority.

Trump may file submissions if he disagrees with the final decision.

In addition, Facebook requested “policy recommendations to the council in case of suspensions when the user is a political leader”, so it is foreseeable that the decision on Trump will be accompanied by a guide on how to act in these cases.

The assault on the Capitol left four protesters and a police officer dead and came after Trump harangued his supporters and reiterated his baseless accusations, which he also spread on social media, that there was electoral fraud in the November presidential elections.

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In addition to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and practically all social networks did the same and they also vetoed the former president.

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