Facial yoga: how to relieve stress and avoid wrinkles

Aesthetics combined with a healthy life is a trend in the world. Most women are concerned about their beauty and invest time and money in different body treatments and in different physical activities to shape their bodies. The reality is that face it also requires attention to look splendid. That is why the facial yoga, A way of train the muscles of the face, tone the skin and release stress.

“To wear a young and smooth skin, you have to exercise the muscles of the face, “he said. Maiko Tahara, expert in facial yoga. “These exercises provide oxygenation and toning of the muscles and their tissues, also leading to an improvement in the skin and in the global appearance of the face that, in a short time, will show more firm, sculpted and relaxed “revealed.

The specialist highlighted that facial yoga massage seeks to relax, oxygenate and reposition the facial muscles. What’s more, brings luminosity and it serves for eliminate tensions inherent to gesturing daily, conscious and unconscious. “His practice also offers benefits in the medium and long term, since it also serves to fight the signs of aging”He added.

For its part, Diana Bordón -Creator of the “Facial Yoga Plan” method (facial gymnastics) in Spain-, pointed out that the massages on the face improve breathing, blood circulation and oxygen to the face, in addition to relieve stress. “One of the first milestones that marked my fixation on facial muscles was an incident that my best friend had at 19 years old. Suddenly one morning he woke up with Facial paralysis And that affected me a lot, among other things because, at that time, the professionals told him that he would have to live with it. I refused to accept it and took her to a Korean acupuncturist who was in Gran Canaria and who cured her paralysis. That reinforced in me the conviction alternative therapies and it aroused great interest in knowing what was beyond our precious skins, in the ‘facial muscles’, the great forgotten of this society “, he said.

For her, the correct way to perform facial yoga is always with movements that go from the neck to the forehead. “The face must be toned equally, since the facial muscles are like a network and are united. You can practice in front of a mirror and while doing another activity, ”he explained. For its part, Tahara He stated that if it is practiced daily, the results will be seen in two or three weeks. “After 45 minutes of massage, the look is more awake and the cheekbones repositioned ”, he said after noting that a jade roller.

New techniques to exercise the muscles of the face are more and more widespread. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Recommended exercises:

  • Put your thumb in your mouth, forming an “L” with your thumb and index finger. Massage the nasolabial line (the groove that forms on the side of the nose) for 30 seconds, loosening each muscle tissue. Repeat the same movement on the other side of the face.
  • Massage the mouth area a little above the corner, as if the muscle tissue were loosening for 30 seconds. Repeat in the other side. The goal of this movement is to reduce the appearance of the “puppet line”, the wrinkles from the corner of the mouth to the chin.
  • Put your hands on one side of your chest. While exhaling, tilt your head to the opposite side diagonally and stick your tongue out in the same direction. As you inhale, return your head straight. Repeat five times. Stick out your tongue as much as possible. Repeat in the other side. With this exercise it is possible to stretch and firm the neck, thus avoiding flaccidity.
  • Lightly tap the central area of ​​the forehead with your fingers for 30 seconds. That way, you will relax and the appearance of wrinkles will be reduced.
  • Press the nasal bone laterally with the index fingers. Move them up and down for 30 seconds. This will relieve and remove tension in the eyes.


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