Factors to take into account on your Xiaomi smartphone

Currently 5G technology is on everyone’s lips. And it is not for less, since this technology has shown that we can make a gigantic leap in terms of communications.

Although, for the moment, its global distribution is limited to only a few regions, 5G has already shown us what it can do. At Xiaomi4Mi, we know that you want to ride this wave of incredible speed as fast as possible. So, if you are about to buy a mobile with 5G technology then this information is for you, since we will show you some elements that you must take into account in order to fully enjoy 5G.

The problems with 5G technology

Due to the hype that this communication technology has unleashed, many have wanted to try it. This has led many mobile manufacturers to offer models that have this technology to become a trend and get their market share.

The problem is that this is a fairly new technology whose current infrastructure is not equipped for massification, at least for the moment, and the information about its activation and use is not widely distributed.

The consequences of this misinformation on the user can lead them to purchase mobile phones with said technology that they cannot subsequently activate, due to various factors.

So that this does not happen to you, I am going to explain what those factors are to take into account in order to activate 5G technology on your mobile.

You need a telephone operator that offers 5G technology

With 4G so widespread, it is very unlikely that your telephone operator does not have this type of technology, so beyond having to correctly configure your apn and choose 4G as the default network, there is not much to do to start enjoying of the browsing speed offered by said technology.

In the case of 5G technology, which has not been present in all types of telephone operators, perhaps you should consult very well, to verify that your favorite telephone operator allows access to the speed that 5G provides.

Check the 5G map of the telephone operator

Your telephone operator may have 5G speed plans, however you should check if there is coverage for this technology for your specific region.

It is a fairly common mistake to believe that having a mobile capable of accessing 5G speeds and having contracted an appropriate plan we will be able to navigate at high speeds wherever we are. The reality is, no. And to avoid this problem, what we can do is check the 5G coverage map of the operator. This will tell us if such technology is available at our location.

Mobile with 5G NSA or SA technology

Although the term 5G is quite widespread, there is an important distinction to be made between 5G NSA and 5G SA. NSA technology consists of adaptations made to 4G antennas so that they can increase their connection speed. However, SA networks are the true 5G, with higher speed and less latency.

If your mobile is designed to work with 5G NSA technology, it is most likely that you cannot connect to an SA network, but if, on the contrary, your mobile uses SA technology then it will be able to connect to all types of 5G network, either NSA or SA .

Finally, the most important thing, we must activate the 5G network on our mobile phone

Since this process is similar in different models that have the Android operating system I will briefly describe:

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Factors to take into account to enjoy 5G technology on your mobile

  • We are going to Settings> Mobile networks or Mobile data> Preferred network type> 5G.
  • In case your mobile has Dual SIM, you will most likely have to enter the specific card on which you want to activate 5G.

Now, you can go buy your new mobile with 5G technology so you can enjoy incredible connection speeds.

But if your case has to do with problems in the 4G mobile signal strength somewhere in specific, then I recommend you read this article. You will tell me, after you know in which places there is a better or worse sign. Good luck!

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