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One of the characteristics of the posture politics in which we develop resides in the fact that the transfer of power, contrary to what one might think, does not imply a transfer of responsibility. There are so many institutions that our provost only have breasts for the medals but not for striking contrition with the hand.

The vaccination campaign in the European Union should make us blush with shame. The United States and the United Kingdom have 30% of the population fully vaccinated, the European Union, 9. We give less than half as many vaccines every day as Americans. We are conspicuously behind schedule and unacceptable.

The answer? “It is solved in the coming weeks and a commission is created to examine what happened,” they say. No more. That is, there is no responsibility. On the contrary, this mess becomes, for example, an electoral theater in the Madrid campaign, not with the aim of improving the vaccination campaign but the number of seats. But the bureaucracy has triumphed again and the tedious procedures of the Brussels officials have been exposed to the British-American diligence. Brexit has had its first major success on British soil.

An episode that cannot be ruled out in a process as accelerated as this, that of Astra Zeneca, has been the auction: where I said I said is the Diego of the Agency yesterday and as if it were Pancho Villa’s army, each one making war for your account. Castilla y León was yesterday the glaring example of improvisation and unilateralism.

And meanwhile, turn the donkey to the wheat with closing the hotel business and perimeter regions while the Eurocrats reap a huge failure. “Days go and pots come.” Europe, kidnapped not by Zeus but by bureaucracy.


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