A British military who fought in the Falklands War sent a letter to the president Mauricio Macri so that the State recognizes as former combatants the Argentine soldiers who were in the military bases in the continent during the war of 1982. Edward Denmark, whose function was to shoot down Argentine planesHe sent the letter and a video through his Argentine friend, also a former Malvinas fighter, Julio Herrera Vidal, since he cannot travel to the country because he suffers from "terminal leukemia."

Herrera Vidal in turn handed the letter to the retired military Oscar González and Javier Robledo, who will give it to Macri himself. There, Denmark says that "unfortunately, there is still a great injustice and it is that the soldiers of the continental Bases are not recognized for their valuable contribution to the war effort"The video highlights the recognition that British soldiers had who were 8,000 nautical miles away and who gave provisions (food, weapons, ammunition) to the combatants and he regretted that the same did not happen with the Argentine soldiers who were in the Continent.

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The memory of a former combatant on the Falklands: "I lived several wars, but chose to fight to live"

"The British Air Force needed supplies and support of all kinds to hold the war machine all the time. I fired at their planes with the missile launcher or with a rifle. But the missiles we loaded, the ammunition and the food, the batteries and others supplies to fight in the war were provided to us from Ascension Island, located 8,000 nautical miles away. And if we had not had those soldiers providing us with the things we needed, I don't know what would have happened, "said the British war veteran.

In addition, he continued: "Those Ascension Island soldiers were recognized by the British Government for the contribution they made and for the fact that they kept us going. Instead, the Argentine soldiers that 400 miles away and being under threat of invasion, landing and God knows what other things received no recognition. "

Denmark compared both situations and remarked that "with all due respect they deserve, the Ascension Island soldiers were not under threat of air attack or possible landings and yet they received their medals and their recognitions the same." "They were 8,000 miles away and were equally recognized by the British Government. Instead, Argentine Air Force (FAA) soldiers, who were 400 miles away and under threat were denied recognition"said the British fighter, who revealed that the idea of ​​European force was to invade the continental base of Rio Grande, in Tierra del Fuego.

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Falklands War: admit that there were plans from the United Kingdom to attack the continent

One of the 10 children of an alcoholic woman, Edward grew up in poverty in the town of Moreton. After serving in the British army, including the Falklands War, in the 1980s, he wrote "It's not for the queen and the country", who recounts his life as a soldier and received high praise.

In Falklands 649 Argentine military, 255 British military and 3 islanders died. There, Denmark integrated an air defense battery, shot down 14 Argentine jets and damaged several more, but suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and turned to alcohol. He later enlisted again and returned to Germany before serving in Northern Ireland. In 2015, Edward He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in the blood and, despite receiving treatment with stem cells, does not expect to have many more years of life.

In an interview, the veteran said: "I had some life, but after the diagnosis of multiple myeloma cancer and almost dying, I realized that I still had some work to do here. I do not agree with what happened in the Falklands, just as I am against what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are not better and the money could have been spent on the NHS, so when I heard about the poor treatment of Argentine soldiers I had to do something. "

Then the full text of the letter:

"Dear Mr. President Macri:

"I hope these words reach your eyes like the movie I sent for your valuable attention.

"It still hurts the 37 years after the Falklands war that I once took up arms against the Argentine soldiers. However, I am sure that one day the dispute will be resolved without more bloodshed.

"Unfortunately, there is still a great injustice that I talked about in my film and that is that the soldiers of the Continental Bases are not recognized for their valuable contribution to the war effort.

"Sir, can I offer you another vision of your contribution?

"The bombs and ammunition that were delivered by their brave pilots who let us fall into the hands of the British in the waters of San Carlos that caused so many injuries and death had the fingerprints and DNA of those soldiers in the Continental Bases. men also thwarted a large-scale military assault to destroy Argentine planes on Earth, men willing to sacrifice their lives in defense of their country, but not yet recognized.

"About 37 years later we are getting older and every day we have less. Please, sir, address this injustice now because I am sure you will sit in the history of Argentina as a shameless carelessness forever. Through cancer, my candle goes out and it is my ambition to see these men officially recognized for their great country. "