Family reunions are one of the main causes of COVID-19 infections: Epidemiological Committee of Bogotá

An employee of the Ministry of Health wearing protective gear talks to a woman wearing a face mask who will undergo a rapid test for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Bogota, Colombia December 29, 2020. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

After a follow-up meeting with the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, and the National Epidemiological Committee, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, decided that on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 January 2021 Bogotá will have a total quarantine, with the aim of continue to face the second peak of covid-19.

Decision that was made after identifying that, currently, There are more than 6,000 outbreaks in the city, of which 5,000 are infections in extended families, that is, relatives who do not live in the same home. Which is why, in addition to the quarantine, citizens were asked to avoid visiting their relatives during the remainder of January.


“They are infected between families, cousins ​​with uncles, cousins ​​with grandparents, children with parents, because they meet when they do not live together, they do not live together and that is triggering the contagion. Let’s not have a family gathering “, confirmed the mayor.

López indicated that one of the causes that the hospital system is more congested is that “the viral load is higher” in patients, this is explained by pointing out that during the first peak, in which there were 67,000 active cases of coronavirus, only 1,597 ICUs were occupied. On the other hand, in the second peak and with fewer active cases: 41,000, 1,739 beds of this type are already being occupied.

Another factor that the mayor pointed out for the greater congestion in 2021 of the ICUs is their greater use by other diseases: during the first peak there were 23 people occupying ICU, while now, the occupation of non-covid people exceeds 500.

However, the president made it clear that, “What will take care of us is that we stay at home, wear our masks, do hand washing and keep our distance.”


“Rest assured that we continue to grow in hospital capacity: we have installed field hospitals on the outskirts of the larger hospitals. We seek to alleviate emergencies ”, assured the mayor, noting that the city currently has 2,300 ICUs.

In addition, López indicated that these field hospitals have already been installed in the Simón Bolívar, Engativá and Kennedy hospitals, while, at this time, the same is being done in El Tunal.

On the other hand, the private network is joining in this purpose and the Santa Fe Foundation and the Colombia and Méderi clinics already have these facilities in place.

A doctor and two nurses treat a patient suffering from coronavirus in the ICU of El Tunal hospital in Bogotá, Colombia.  June 12, 2020. REUTERS / Luis González

A doctor and two nurses treat a patient suffering from coronavirus in the ICU of El Tunal hospital in Bogotá, Colombia. June 12, 2020. REUTERS / Luis González

Measures for Bogotá during the weekend:

In addition to the strict quarantine during the weekend, Claudia López also reiterated that the quarantines are maintained in the towns of Usaquén, Suba and Engativá, where these measures go until January 17, and Kennedy, Fontibón and Teusaquillo, where the restriction Total mobility will run until January 21.

“San Cristóbal and Tunjuelito, I beg the people of those localities to be especially careful and, if they can, stay home. They have the highest level of contagion speed, apart from the localities with strict quarantine ”, López indicated.

Mayor Claudia López reported, on January 12, that the towns of Bosa, Ciudad Bolívar, Puente Aranda, Rafael Uribe Uribe, San Cristóbal and Usme, will be the next to enter a strict quarantine from Monday, January 18 to January 28 of the same month.

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