Famous model for invading the Champions League final is in Costa Rica

(CRHoy.com). American model Kinsey Wolanski, recognized for invading the pitch in the UEFA Champions League final in 2019, is in Costa Rica.

The young woman gained world fame after surprisingly interrupting the match between the Tottenham and Liverpool at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid, Spain on June 1 of last year.

Wolanski, 23, wore a bathing suit with the English legend ‘Vitaly Uncensored’. After several seconds walking the field, she was approached by security officials, who immediately took her out of the sports redoubt.

According to publications of the model on the social network Instagram, during her stay in Costa Rica she has visited hotels and areas of the Central Pacific and the South Pacific.

Wolanski’s appearance in the UEFA Champions League final had an immediate impact on his social media. It went from having 300 thousand followers in June 2019 to 3.7 million currently.

It should be noted that since last November 1, Costa Rica opened borders for tourists from all over the planet and it also eliminated the negative PCR test for COVID-19 as an entry requirement.

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